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For the correct dosage and careful mixing ratios of the various components of the color masses, CAPERS has developed a color diagnostic system for KIS KeraCream Color. This color diagnostic system can be used by this app. Based on the specified original hair color, current hair color and the desired hair color, CAPERS provides a prescription for the correct dosage and composition of the various components to arrive. Until the desired result The KIS Keracream Color App CAPERS is just a tool to get. Until the right formula The foundation for any hair coloring is a proper diagnosis. CAPERS utmost care in creating, compiling, editing and disseminating information via the color diagnostic system for KIS KeraCream Color, but can in no way guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information. The final outcome may deviate from the desired hair color. CAPERS accepts no liability for damages of any kind that may arise. Using this KIS Keracream Color App or the relevant advice or product Decisions based on this information are for your own account and risk. KIS KeraCream Color is for professional use and care should be taken at all times. Instructions for use of the products used in eight